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Dental Hygienist Visits at Epsom Smiles.

When it comes to dental hygiene, we need to ensure we are on the right track and that if any issues arise, they are addressed straight away. The importance of regularly visiting the dental hygienist means we can eliminate issues from potentially occurring. Although restorative treatment isn’t always crucial, getting the right preventive care advice is important.

The most simple way to maintain excellent dental health is simply by visiting your hygienist regularly.

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By using preventive, educational and therapeutic methods, Dental Hygiene visits can help to prevent oral diseases and ensure that patients achieve good oral health. A Dental Hygienist will work alongside you to help you achieve the best oral hygiene routine.

To have regular Dental Hygienist appointments, you don’t need to be a patient of Selsdon Smiles. All you need to do is simply ask your own private or NHS dentist to refer you to us. Either over the phone or via our website, we will be more than happy to see you.

At your first appointment, our hygienist will need to get some recordings; they use a pocket charge to gauge your recordings. To establish if there is any sign of any issues, for example, any sign of gum disease, they will provide a plaque and bleeding score.

If any of these issues are highlighted, we will then know your problem areas. If the brushing technique of the patient is inadequate, then plaque is prevalent. This is usually indicated by the bleeding of the gums. Any areas that need your attention will be highlighted by your hygienist, and you will be shown how to improve your brushing technique.
The largest factor of tooth loss in adults is gum disease. A milder form of gum disease is called Gingivitis. This will be prevalent as your gums will be red and swollen, they could even bleed when you brush your teeth (however this can be masked by smoking). The most common dental issue is Gingivitis. 50% of pregnant women experience dental problems during pregnancy as changing hormone levels can make your gums more susceptible to plaque attack.

At Selsdon Smiles, we generally recommend routine visits every 6 months for a thorough examination and clean.

For more information on Veneers, contact us today for a consultation.

For a £29 Check Up & Examination

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