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Composite bonding is a completely pain free procedure done by just polishing the teeth, gently adding on a resin material
and then giving a very high grade polish at the end. No anaesthetic or drilling is required.

This is a great solution for many patients as there is no drilling necessary, and there is no
permanent alteration to the natural tooth structure.

It is a fast, simple and effective way to improve the appearance of your teeth. It can help restore a
broken tooth or just enhance your existing teeth, and it can even improve the colour.

This procedure is modern way to give your smile a refresh. It is a simple process where your dentist adds a
special coloured resin to your teeth, either to build up tooth structure that has been lost or for cosmetic reasons.


This process does not require the dentist to remove any part of your tooth and since it is appropriate for almost every patient, it is an effective solution to many minor tooth issues. 

The resin used is specifically tooth coloured and is exceptionally strong. We will add the resin, polished and shaped, and then this will last for many years. 

Although not always necessary, this is a treatment many people choose to opt for as it is a simple, safe way to enhance your teeth. 

This can vary, but when done correctly, the restoration will last up to 5 or 6 years until it may need to be repaired or polished.

If you have a chip, or maybe you’re missing part of your tooth, we can use a composite material that is glued to your teeth to restore and reshape them. This could be the simple and effective answer to your damaged tooth and help bond and restore your smile again.

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