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ALL-ON-4 Faqs

The All-On-4 process involves a single dentist visit in which a fixed bridge is attached to dental implants.

This procedure will begin with a consultation, in which the dentist will take x-rays of your mouth. It may also be necessary for a CT scan to be performed, which will determine whether or not you are suitable for this treatment.

Before any commitment is made, your dentist will also discuss alternative treatment options with you to ensure this is the right choice.

Should you need any teeth extracted before getting implants, this procedure can also be performed on the same day.

Any remaining teeth will be extracted on the day of surgery. During surgery, 4-6 implants are placed in the mouth’s upper arch, while four are inserted into the lower arch.


All-On-4 is often referred to as ‘teeth in a day’, ‘smile in a day’, or ‘same day teeth’. This process is much more swift than traditional implant procedures, which typically take over six months to complete and require long recovery periods between each step.

Should you deem it necessary, we can help you relax on the day of surgery with sedation. This will allow you to feel more comfortable with the procedure as the implants and implant-retained bridge are fitted. By the time you leave, you will be ready to dazzle everyone with your shiny new smile!
Advice will be given by your dentist, as the aftercare process can vary from person to person. However, it is typical for a more permanent bridge to be fitted to the implants approximately 6-9 months after the surgery, when they have fully integrated with the bone.
If you wish to discuss your ALL-ON-4 needs with a member of our team, contact us today for an initial consultation.
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